Lean / Six Sigma Operations

Is Your Competition Lean?

Unless you are in a true backwater industry, the answer is YES!

Following the success of efficiency leaders such as Toyota, industries have increasingly adopted Lean principles focused on the relentless elimination of waste through increasingly sophisticated ‘pull’ supply chains.

In most industries, and especially those with mass-produced products (including office transactions) being Lean and applying the principles of Six Sigma are matters of survival.

Are you satisfied with the effectiveness – the quality of your products and services – and the efficiency – the bang for the buck – of your operations?

Organizations cannot afford inefficiency and cannot sell low quality products as they might have in the past. That’s why we suggest this inexpensive workshop to get your team thinking about the Lean and Six Sigma opportunities that surround them every day, and the simple, proven tools that apply these indispensable concepts where the rubber meets the road: on the workbenches and desks of your operations people.

This workshop offers a high-impact and affordable introduction to virtually all key business and operational concepts critical to the success of any operation. It includes:

  • An integrated view of how business should work
  • A thorough introduction to Lean and Six Sigma concepts widely used to ensure high quality and efficiency
  • Tools to correct problems as they appear

The Lean / Six Sigma Operations Workshop includes:

  • The thorough and readable business improvement reference book It IS Broke. Fix It! The Comprehensive Business Improvement Toolkit
  • The high-impact supplemental CD with project-ready tools

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