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Boost your personal performance and your company’s with proven tools and techniques for making every operation perform better: more effectively, more efficiently, more profitably… and more enjoyably!

This 324 page reference book is packed with insights for just-in-time use. It includes a powerful and original approach for creating a clear vision of how an organization SHOULD work and what it’s trying to accomplish – its business model, systems for management, and operating processes and the tools of Lean/Six Sigma to ensure quality and efficiency are optimized, with a generous set of Excel tools available on the companion CD.

Business improvements aren’t free, so every decision-maker needs to understand the rudiments of finance. Three chapters deal with the financial implications:

  • An overview of financial statements, and a powerful Excel tool available for entrepreneurs for creating a quick financial projection for a business.
  • A set of financial decision-support tools, also fully explained and available in Excel.
  • A full description of a bullet-proof business case methodology with available Excel tools to create it.

Additional chapters provide well-organized insights into these useful but often misunderstood concepts:

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  • A description of metrics, and how to create and apply them to ensure improvements stick.
  • A chapter, and available Excel forms, on reviewing initiatives, to avoid wasting resources ‘boiling the ocean.’
  • Decision tools (decision trees and linear programming) to help clarify and quantify decision options.
  • A light touch (just enough) on mathematical concepts to apply statistics to queueing, quality levels, regression, and variance analysis.
  • An overview of how large integrated systems support business, to ensure the role and methods of information management are folded into improvement efforts.
  • A chapter about change management – how to get the team on board regardless of perceptions, emotions and politics.

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