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Ten Steps to Lean Accounting

The word is out: Lean Accounting is the wave of the future. Or is it?

Lean Accounting is the first really new concept in accounting in years, where key progress includes double-entry bookkeeping (Middle Ages), Standard Financial Statements (early Nineteenth Century), overhead allocation (early Twentieth Century), and Activity Based Costing (1980’s). And it is demonstrably better in its proper environment …

Lean Right in Seven Steps

Lean is a way of doing business that relentlessly eliminates waste, of time, materials, and other resources. The old concepts are really old. Since the building of the pyramids managers have known the need to avoid rework, straighten assembly lines, maintain a neat workplace, and other fundamental waste reduction ideas. By the time Henry Ford built the Model T assembly like, they were actually practicing many Lean techniques, but unconsciously and haphazardly. Is your organization Lean enough?

Almost Perfect in Seven Steps

In the early 1950s a new discipline burst upon the production scene in far-off, recently devastated Japan, while American manufacturers slumbered peacefully in post-war prosperity. But within 20 years ‘Made in Japan’ evolved from a synonym for cheap junk to ‘World Class’ quality with barely a raised eyebrow elsewhere – until a deluge of impossibly high-quality products hit the world market. It was an amazing turnaround, creating global economic shockwaves. Do you need Six Sigma quality?

Agility Counts

‘Agile’ refers to a disciplined way to rapidly and efficiently develop a new, quality product, process, or service. It is iterative and tightly controlled, staying on track with quick decisions by a team of expert developers and users. It can be applied to virtually any offering –automobiles, aerospace equipment, software, a new way of doing a process, banking services, government office work, non-profit ‘products’ – practically anything. Do you need it?

Five Big Mistakes

Many organizations mis-use their financial teams, and decision making suffers. Here are a few ideas on a single page to start the conversation, if needed, at your company.

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