Personal Finance

Getting Personal Finances Under Control Can Be Tough

But VERY Rewarding!

Our tools require that you study a bit and take action, but if you do they can put you in the driver’s seat – over time.

If you need immediate financial help, such as debt consolidation or bankruptcy, there are folks (not us) who can help. Look around carefully; some will give decent advice for free.

Personal finance is a mysterious black hole to many, as evidenced by many of the bankruptcies and foreclosures in America today. Even when – or especially when – circumstances are unkind, there is value in knowing where one stands in order to devise a financial get-well plan. Unless one is incurably numbers-phobic, it is easier than commonly thought.

In the Personal Finance tool (part of the ‘It IS Broke. Fix It!’ toolkit), the key concepts and ready-to-use Excel forms are clearly explained and illustrated. The Personal Finance tool contains:

  • A simple diagram showing conceptually how what you earn, what you spend, what you own, and what you owe are related
  • Forms to create an intuitive income and expense plan (similar to an organization’s Profit & Loss Statement), and to track what actually happens
  • Forms to create an intuitive assets and liabilities plan (similar to an organization’s Balance Sheet), and to track what actually happens
  • Forms to create an intuitive cash flow plan (similar to an organization’s Sources and Uses Statement), and to track what actually happens

Everyone should – and CAN – control their finances. Try this free tool now.

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