April 8, 2014

CHALLENGE: A growing business was faced with educating their mid level staff to insure they had a broader knowledge of business concepts that would make them effective in their role.

Finance staff – had a good handle on accounting but did not know much about sales, marketing or operations and didn’t know the concepts that were associated with running lean, or what quality initiatives were all about nor did they have an appreciation for Sales and their need to sell value. They collectively viewed each department as somewhat incompetent which did not create a positive attitude in general within the Company.

For the Sales staff – they were weak in establishing value propositions with well though out ROI’s. Additionally, they saw finance as an order prevention department and not an ally. In general they did not have an appreciation for financial concepts.

For the Operations staff – they only had a high level understanding of their impact on the business from a finance perspective. Although they had a pretty good understanding of project and lean concepts they still had much to learn.

SOLUTION: By attending and actively participating in the Workshops they gained a higher level of appreciation for Finance, Sales and Operations. Additionally, they became familiar with concepts that each group needed to execute in their role.

SOLUTION: Each participant left with a much better appreciation for the other groups in the Company and that each were instrumental in making the Company successful. Additionally, it gave each person an understanding of how collaboration would help each other in their efforts to be successful. Finance gained an appreciation for Sales; Operations understood more about financial concepts and Sales had a better grasp on financial concepts and how to construct a more effective ROI for prospective clients.

  • SOA conducts several business workshops covering topics such as:
  • Financial Analysis concepts and tools
  • Sales & Marketing ROI Workshop
  • Business Operations and Project Management
  • Quality and Operating with Lean Principles
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Business Startup
Sales, Marketing, Cost Management, Coaching and Facilitation
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