ROI means Return on Investment ...

YOUR Investment

In Time and Resources

Business 101

Our publications and workshop provide an integrated view of how
business should work:
- Operational concepts including Lean/Six Sigma made intuitive
- Finance concepts and tools to manage costs and increase profits
- Tools to dissect problems and day to day challenges effectively
And much more.

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It IS Broke. Fix It!
The Comprehensive
Business Improvement Toolkit
For most business operations, the old adage, “If it ain’t broke,
don’t fix it” does not apply. In an ever-changing business
environment, it is NEVER completely right,
and too often dangerously wrong.
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You are not alone as you sort out the many
conflicting priorities of a new venture or small
operation. Entrepreneurs face just about every
other kind of challenge known to commerce -
and way too many fail within a few years.
But you can get a better grip on what it takes
to succeed, and how to acquire the skills
and tools you need.

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Lean / Six Sigma Operations

Are you satisfied with the effectiveness - the quality of your products
and services - and the efficiency - the bang for the buck - of your operations?
Probably not completely, but you understand the trade-offs.
So do we.

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Every Manager's Lean / Six Sigma
Quick Reference and Toolkit

For Optimum Performance

Boost your personal performance and your company’s
with proven tools and techniques for making every
operation perform better: more effectively, more efficiently,
more profitably… and more enjoyably!

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How Is Your
Sales Team Doing?
We Can Help
ROI means Return on Investment, and specifically
the financial return your prospective customers
will experience after they invest in your product,
service, or solution.
How will you get noticed, demonstrate how
your offering resolves important issues for
potential customers and how your fit, features and
benefits, value and ROI beat the competition?
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The ROI Driven Sale
The Ultimate Reference Manual
that Belongs on Every
Salesperson's Desk
This book demystifies the step-by-step process and
associated tools that can make any motivated sales person
into a star business generator.
It also provides insights into the way sophisticated buyers
think about their business, providing just enough fluency in
operations tools and techniques, metrics, finance, and
change management to make you a creative trusted advisor
with an edge on the competition.

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Managerial Finance

If typical, your financial team is hard-working and smart.
But again if typical, they constantly reinvent the wheel and struggle
with unfamiliar analyses as new challenges arise,
and their decision-support presentations often morph accordingly.
They - and YOU - need a sharp, consistent set of tools.

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Evaluate and Optimize Any Business

3 Ways We Help Organizations and Individuals

  1. Publications: Books, White Papers, and CD Tools
  2. Workshops at Your Facility or Ours
  3. Analysis of Your Improvement Opportunities with You and Your Team

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